Rights Guide Autum - Winter 2020


Dear publishing partners, dear friends,

unluckily, thats very sad, we will not meet in Frankfurt this month – there´s
nothing better than personally talking together about books and friendship
and new projects.
Luckily we all continue to publish great new books and bring them to the
children and their families. It’s one of the best things we can do, especially
in these months.
Here we are presenting the new books of 360 Grad Verlag, a new publishing
house in Germany. We hope you will enjoy and there is something that catches your
interest. Do not hesitate to contact us.
If you are interested in the title “Rainland+Dryland”, we have good news for you.
There is an animated book-trailer, which you can receive for free use for your
marketing-purposes in your country. You will find the animated book-
trailer at our YouTube-Chanel:



For any further questions or sending PDF’s of books or whatever might be of
interest for you, please get in touch with Bodo or Harald.

Hope to see you again in Bologna 2021. Stay healthy!

All the very best wishes,

Harald Kiesel, Publisher

360 Grad Verlag

International License Consulting:

Rights departement
E-Mail: rights@360grad-verlag.de

Publisher :
Harald Kiesel
E-Mail: kiesel@360grad-verlag.de

Eichenweg 21a
D-69198 Schriesheim, Germany

CultureContact Agency
Bodo Horn-Rumold

E-Mail: b.horn@gmx.com
Mobile: +49 170 40 57 300


Hamburger Alle 45 (Hinterhaus D)
D- 60486 Frankfurt/Main, Germany